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November 15, 2017


After a normal schoolday, some Brazilian friends of my mother came to our house and they would stay for 2 days. We had a nice dinner with a lot of talks all together. We also at a dessert: apple crumble! I really love it!



Happy Halloween!! I didn't do anything special for Halloween. I just went to school and then back home again. I had a nice dinner with really good food. After the dinner I said to my hostsister: 'Maybe we should bake something for halloween.' So we baked some cupcakes and made some halloween decoration on it.



After school, I went with the girls of my class to the bakery in town. Here we at and drank something together. After we went to a few shops in town. In a clothing store I found a very cool and special christmas sweater. On the christmas sweater was a rendeer and bells, when you put on the nose of the rendeer, you hear jingle bells. I didn't buy it because it was a little bit too expensive. 

After this I went to the badminton and I had a great time there with my badminton buddy! 



Just a normal schoolday. I just went to school, went home, looked an episode of Pretty Litlle liars and made some homework.



Yes yes, Friday!! I think if you have read my last blogposts, you know that I love Fridays! After school, around 7 o'clock , my Italien friend Gaia came to my house. She stayed the whole weekend! I was really happy because she became a very good friend of me! After her hostparents drank a cup of coffee and went home, we watched High School Musical. Our plan was to watch the 3 movies, but we only saw the first one and fell asleep. 



We said that we were going to sleep long, but we both woke up at 9 o'clock. After breakfast, we took the bus to Aalborg. But we had to run to the busstation because Gaia was too late... But again, we had our bus; I think I'm in a champion in 'leaving to late for the bus but being on time to have the bus'. In Aalborg we visited some shops because we were waiting for Isa and Elena. Elena is also an AFS exchange student from France. She lives in Kolding so I didn't saw her for a while. I was so happy when I saw them!! We went to the Opera house to let Elena see the beautiful view from the balcony but it was closed. So we just waited for the other exchange students inside. When the others came we went to MacDonalds and ate there something. After we went to Aalborg Streetfood. There we stayed for a while, talked a lot and ate something. After Gaia and I went home by bus, we were both so tired. Home we ate lasagne that my hostmom made, it was so good! After we watched High School Musical 2 and went to sleep.



Again Gaia and I slept long and after our breakfast we went to my school. There was a Hyggeweekend and my hostsister performed there with hare dance group, so Gaia and I went to there to see her. I also showed her my school and after this we went on sightseeing in Løgstør. After our sightseeing trip, we went to mormor to eat lunch. Gaia and I had a crazy idea after lunch; we wanted to swim in the sea. We went to the sea and when we where standing there in our swimsuit, we didn't want to go anymore. But we said that we were going to do it, so we did it. It was sooo cold!!!! Outside it was 9 degres and I have no idea how cold the water was, but it was probably very cold. Totally cold and red we went home, drank a cup of hot chocolate and took a hot shower. At 4 o'clock, Gaia went home :(  Gabi and I brought here to the buststation and waved her goodbye. The end of a very nice and hyggeligt weekend. Tak for weekenden Gaia!!







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