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Week 9

November 28, 2017


These day were just normal days. If you want to read something interesting, just scroll to the next day.



In the evening, we went to mormor to eat dinner. I really liked the food, but the dessert... I don't know the name anymore, but it was apple with milk and cereals. I didn't like it at all!!




This Friday was a special day in Denmark: Mortensaften. On this day they eat duck and this is the story about it: 


French Martin of Tours lived in the 300s in the Roman Empire, where he was known as a holy man. He had a warm heart for the poor, could heal the sick and raise the dead. He got through life with a great reputation, which as a result got the people of Tours to choose him as bishop - however against his will. The day they came to appoint him bishop, he hid amongst the geese. The geese piped up and revealed thereby Martin, who was found and forced to assume the role of the bishop of the city. In revenge, Martin made all households slaughter at least one goose per year and eat it on the day when Martin was found among the geese. Thus, Martin got his revenge on the geese who had revealed his hiding place. 


I didn't eat duck, but I went to Aalborg to the father of my hostsister. I skyped that evening with my parents and watched to the football game Belgium-Mexico. 




This Saturday was the birthday of the sister of my hostsister. In the morning we went to a playground with all the children. After, Gabi and I we made some typical bread that Danish people eat at birthdays.

Around 3 o'clock there came some people to celebrate the birthday so we had to make the table and things like that ready. I think we did a nice job! On the table, we put some Frozen plates, Frozen glasses and a lot of danish flag. And last but not least: chocolate cake!

We had a hyggeligt time! 



Today, Kira took Gabi and Caroline to a restaurant near by Aalborg Streetfood. I had met Kira Saturday at the birthday party and she told me that I had to eat a bøfsandwich before I would leave Denmark. So we did it. The restaurant was so small and hyggeligt, love it! We ordered a bøfsandwich and when we did get it, I was a little suprised: so much food. It was soo delicious, really!!

After our amazing lunch, we went to Aalborg Streetfood because Kira was never been there. They drank something and then after we went home.

Tak Kira for the amazing time!




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