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December 3, 2017


Monday after school, Gabi and I were going to do some sightseeing in our little town. But when we were walking home, we found a little boy and he was a lost. So Gabi helped him, called mormor and she brought him home.  After we went to mormor to eat something. 

So we didn't really do some sightseeing :)



In the evening we went to the local cinema in Løgstør. My hostfamily told me that it's one of the oldest cinemas in Denmark. It's a very little, but cute cinema. We watched to movie: 'Mens vi lever' (in English: when we live). You will probably think now: ' a Danish movie?' Yes yes, I watched a Danish movie! In the beginning it was a little bit difficult to understand the story, but after a while, with the help of my hostfamily, I could understand it! 



My hostmother had asked if Gabi and I could clean the house. So after school we started. I don't really like cleaning, but it was fun! After the cleaning, I went to badminton. I always have a great time there with my badminton friend!



This evening Gabi and I stayed at my mormor place because my mother had to go somewhere. It was a very nice and hyggeligt evening.



Yesss Friday!!!!! Love it! 

After school, we made a gluten free dessert. This was because a friend of my hostmother came for dinner and she can't eat gluten. It was a very nice dessert.



Saturday, I went with my good AFS-friend Isa to Aalborg. While I was waiting for her, I decided to get some money from the wall. But, as stupid as I am, I pressed 3 times the wrong code. So it means that my card was blocked. I was totally in chock, but I directly called my bank in Belgium and after my dad. My dad called again and I could take money again!

So when Isa arrived, we went to Aalborg Streetfood, because there was a vintage sell. I had a very nice time with her and her hostsister but I had to go home early. 

At home, there were the cousin of my hostmom and her daughter. We made some christmas decorations and it si a kind of tradition to do it before the first Sunday of December. 

In the evening, we had a nice dinner and played some bordgames. 




Sunday was a very lazy day. The only thing I really did was making homework and skyping with my parents.



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December 3, 2017

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